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Welcome to the Exciting world!

    We aim to provide a relaxed environment, exclusively for women, to allow you to improve your fitness without worries or stress. We offer a range of fitness solutions to keeping fit and we are sure that we have something to suit everyone and all age groups too.

    We offer classes only. There will never be the hassle of waiting for a machine because there are none. Bodies are the most powerful machines of all and all of our classes allow you to get your body in the best shape of your life. We offer a variety of classes, which include Yoga, Pilates, Super Body Super Brain, Zumba, Prenatal, Rehab & Personal Training and much more. Come in and see how our studio can become the place that makes fitness fun and changes the way you have always pictured the gym experience. Our staff and instructors are friendly, professional, and ready to help you take on the world.

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